Got a vendor or sub who will only sign hard copy?  Staring at a stack of paper lien waivers? Need to have your release notarized in person? (Psst…we can do that virtually for you! Learn more here). can still save you time and reduce errors on your company’s important construction documents.

Simply scan your signed waivers to your personalized email address.  Your waivers are automatically uploaded to your dashboard, marked as signed, and filed with the corresponding subcontractor and project.  Grab a coffee while our software does the  work!

Subcontractors and vendors alike love the ease of our no-account-necessary electronic signing and electronic notarization features.  Waivers are sent, tracked, and automatically archived with without a single paper cut or lost document. We do still however realize that paper will never be fully obsolete.  To make paper as painless as possible, our email archiving allows bulk scans of hard copy documents to be forwarded (or sent directly from your scanner!) into your dashboard where they are instantly marked as signed and matched to the project and subcontractor.  If you use with a project management platform like Procore or accounting system such as Quickbooks, Xero and Sage, the signed waivers are dually saved across both platforms.  

Why our customers love our automatic email tracking:

  • ”The ability to upload a stack of signed documents and have it instantly marked and filed has saved me hours of time.”
  • ”I love that everything instantly syncs with my Procore project files.”
  • ”We will always have a few subs who insist on signing hard copies. With, I know everything’s tracked and filed in one place. It’s a huge operational improvement.”

Check out our email tracking video to see just how simple and awesome it is! is dedicated to building innovative software solutions for the construction industry so your business can run more efficiently. See more for yourself: schedule a demo today at or email us at


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